Reveal Trailer - Vavr fansub: KFAG

Vavr fansub direct (includes king for a gay news!! (pog!))

Minecraft Jukebox

The Minecraft Jukebox, nicknamed “Jukebox of Flies”, sticky-pistons into the battle! Representing the sandbox and rougelike genres, its sourcelist includes:

  • Sources
  • The Minecraft soundtrack or other music by C418
  • Music related to other sandbox games
  • Music from randomly generated or roguelike games
  • Minecraft parodies
  • Examples
  • Minecraft, Sweden, Wet Hands, Dog or any of the music discs
  • Terraria, Garry’s Mod
  • Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac
  • Fallen Kingdom, Don’t Mine at Night, Eye of the Spider, TNT, Minecraftcito, MC Gang, Take Back the Night... and Revenge, I suppose, but don’t overdo it thx

Music sample: this’ll be changed when a track is uploaded

Illustration: Navag8r (@_bluntslide_)

Brody Foxx

Brody Foxx from the hit series Yo Mama! has teamed up with Vavr fansub: King for a Gay! Roasting the competition with epic insults and dank memes, Brody represents, to an extent, the side of youtube made for young people.

  • Sources
  • Yo Mama! and Animeme
  • Music from Avicii
  • Baldi’s Basics
  • Joe from Family Guy

Music sample: nobody has maded a brody rip yet and im not going to check if theres a siivagunner one i can put as a placeholder but if there is a brody rip now tell me thanks

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB) and mіnіndo (@mіnіndo256)

le monke

Uh oh! Le Monke joins the battle! Hahaha! Stinky! Poop funny! The funniest monkey in the jungle will do a funny poo on the competition!

  • Sources
  • Rips with monkeys
  • Donkey Kong music
  • Music used in popular le monke YTPMVs
  • funny poop
  • Examples
  • uh go check the monkey section of dk’s sourcelist in kfad2
  • Aquatic Ambience, Bonus Room Blitz, Seashore War, Hot-Head Bop, Treasure Trove, uh that really popular one thats like two words that both start with S
  • Lavender Town, I Got Five On It, Thank U/Next
  • poop funny
  • The Happy Birthday Song

Music sample: monke kogn blitz - by mіnіndo

Illustration: ???


The world-famous streamer, Simpleflips, backward long-jumps into the battle! Representing the speedrunning community, Simpleflips is trying to set the world record time for taking over the Vavr channel and hopefully on the first try, idiot.

  • Sources
  • 1 2 Oatmeal
  • sup mayo 69
  • Vips from streamed games
  • "The Police"
  • Simpleflips Memes

Music sample: New Age Battlefield - by Navag8r

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB)

Monika & Sans

Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club and Sans from Undertale are here! They have more in common than you might think! Both were teased for KFAD and also have 4th wall breaking powers! They will be a strong team, for sure!

  • Sources
  • DDLC
  • Rips related to coding
  • Green Monika Takeover
  • Music directly related to Sans, not all Undertale music

Music sample: Red Green Blue 4 - by TurretBot

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB)


The famous appliance store mascot HH, also known incorrectly as HHGregg, is joining the battle! Despite his company shutting down in 2017, he's readier than ever to fight and has purchased a fresh new look from the vavr store! Will his great deals be able to persuade the voters to vote for him?

  • Sources
  • hhgregg
  • Christmas songs
  • hhgregg YTPMVs
  • Songs from advertisements
  • Examples
  • Voiceclips from HH
  • Deck the Halls, Carol of the Bells, All I Want for Christmas is You
  • make a creative ytpmv be cool
  • Christmas In July, We Buy any Car!, I’m Not Your Daddy I’m Your Grandpa, BUY PRODUCT.

Music sample: I swear this isn't an ad ok?? - by mіnіndo

Illustration: mіnіndo (@mіnіndo256)


Aw shit, here comes Pac-Man! The star of everyone's favorite game for Windows 9.1 is here to gain control of the Vavr channel! Wanna freebase?

  • Sources
  • pacman
  • p
  • aw shit, here come ppapspcman1!!!
  • fl studio crack 2019
  • bloodhoung gang violence

Music sample (IMPORTANT: nobaby has evne made a pacman rip yet so in meanytime here is cool rip from le stinkyhgunner: Pac-Man's Park (Genesis) - Pac-Mania

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB)

Charles Stiles

Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners is bringing the trashier side of reality TV to the tournament! The incredibly forgettable host from that one show on the Food Network is here, and ready to release his drones on the competition!

  • Sources
  • Rips related to food/dining/syndicated TV
  • Requiem for a Dream soundtrack
  • Ralphthemoviemaker jokes and songs
  • Music relating to drones

Music sample: Bialy & Lox Conga - by mіnіndo

Illustration: mіnіndo (@mіnіndo256)

Gangsta Mario Bros.

Hitting the Yoshi on 'em, the Gangsta Mario Bros. will beat the competition to death. Youuuuuuuu won't stand a chance against them!

  • Sources
  • Crank Dat Super Mario
  • Crank Dat parodies from the same era
  • maryo headbang
  • Music from Mario & Luigi games
  • actual gang violence

Music sample: Super Gangsta Forever - by Navag8r

Illustration originally by Aquacycle, from this rip

Chip tha Ripper

Boom, clap, boom, boom clap! (Chip claps into battle!) Being a classic Vavr meme, will anyone be able to take him down? probably

  • Sources
  • boom
  • clap
  • The Cleveland Show
  • Rips related to crocodiles/alligators
  • The Cleveland Show
  • Other songs by Chip
  • Deez Nuts [Trap Remix]
  • Rips related to basic, no effort 4/4 mashups
  • The Cleveland Show
  • The Cleveland Show
  • The Cleveland Show
  • The Cleveland Show
  • The Cleveland Show
  • You see, repeating things over and over is funny
  • Freestyle rap

Music sample: Boom - by mіnіndo

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB)

Noggin Clontith

Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I'm gnot a gnelf. I'm gnot a gnoblin. I'm a gnome, and I've been Gnavr Gnansub: Gning for a Gnay Gnournament'd!

  • Sources
  • Gnomed
  • Beaned, or any sort of similar "got you" bait-and-switch source, such as Rickroll
  • Gnomeo & Juliet
  • Music from the Plants vs. Zombies games

Music sample: Don't Forget - by jakebfb

Illustration: jakebfb (@Jake_BFB)